Students Platform

Terms of Service for Online Learning Platform.

These 'Terms' rule your particpation in our platform.


'Users' refer to any registered student or any registered tutors.
Tutors MUST NOT abuse their position in any shape or form. Dirty language, conversations about sex or politics or religion are NOT allowed between student and tutor. Students/Users must behave in an appropiate manner whilst in a lesson.


We only accept payment(s) via PayPal at the moment. You do NOT need an account with them to pay for lessons. Lessons will only take place if payment has been received and or confirmed.
Refunds will only be given if the student contacts us first to discuss any issues. Requesting a refund through any payment processor(s) may result in account suspension until we have investigated the situation.
If a refund is issued, a fee will be charged for admin and processors fees. This figure depends on the fees charged by the processor at the time of reimbursement.

Cancellation/Rescheduling of a lesson:

Four hours will need to be given prior to the start time of the lesson, if it is less than four hours then the fee for that lesson is charged, Unless it is agreed directly with their tutor and the tutor reschedules. This is because we cannot arrange another lesson in that time frame and hours are then wasted. If a lesson gets cancelled in the same time frame the fee is still charged and the tutor is still paid.

Booking a Lesson:

All our lessons are prearranged on our calender as proof of arrangement. Lessons can easily be rearranged by editing the calender. Students who book a lesson online and then do not turn up will forfeit the lesson and will still have to pay.

Tutors who do not turn up for the booked lesson will not be paid and the fee will be returned to the students account.

Abuse of system.

Any user who tries to bypass any of our system or tries to cheat in anyway will have their account suspended immediately. Suspended members will forfeit any payment or balance in their account.

Registration of a 'Student'.

Simply use your real name, or real name of your child (if paying for child lessons)and use the correct details. If an account has a dispute and the names are not the same, any balance in that account is lost as you will not be deemed as in our system.

Terms of Service Agreement.

We change our 'Terms of Service' as and when needed. Users are notified by email if these change. All 'users' MUST agree to these terms before registering. You, the User has the responsibility to make sure you understand these before registering and you check them often.

This document was last updated on 01 March 2021.


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