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Our Frequently Asked Questions;

Q. Do you provide the materials?

A. We provide some materials, but not all that is needed, your tutor will provide what is needed as courses are tailored to students needs.

Q. Can we pay for one lesson at a time?

A. Yes of course, we are flexible. There are different payment options for students, buy a single lesson, multiple lessons, or subscribe.

Q. Can we pay monthly?

A. Yes you can, please see tutors prices for more information.

Q. Can we have lessons face to face?

A. If you wish to have private lessons face to face and are in the same area as the tutor that is between you and the tutor to arrange private tuition at a place and time that suits you both. Once you make private arrangements you and the tutor will no longer be covered by our system in any shape or form.

Q. Can tutors refer new tuturs?

A. Yes of course, tutors who refer new tutors will earn commissions for life.


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Studying online with flexible hours is great!


Our Tutors are quite flexible, Tutors work different hours depending where they are in the world.


In the comfort of your own home, or on the beach or anywhere where you have a reasonable internet connection.

What is the Price?

Prices vary depending on the tutors or lessons required. Tutors set their own fees. $15 (USD) is an average price.

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